What’s Working in Group Practice Innovation

As I’ve mentioned many times before, this is a golden age for innovation in dentistry. More and more practitioners are branching out from the traditional template they once thought they had to adhere to—and rewriting their own destiny. Whether you want to start a group practice, help build one, or find the right one to join—there are more ways to do this than ever before. The resources are out there and the funding is, too. If you have a dream, it’s time to reach out and make it happen!

As more and more providers go this route, we are starting to see some patterns that emerge in all successful group practices and transitions. So, what does it take?

Cultures and Collaborations in Innovation

Building your practice into a culture of shared values and progress is something I’ve written a lot about, and it’s a must for any successful transition or scaling-up of your business. If you’re starting a pathway to a group practice, the best strategy is to define your innovation and then build the culture around it. Find the people who share your vision and fit into the culture. Train, retrain, cross-train, and mentor the staff you wish to keep. It may get messy in there, but you wouldn’t believe how messy it gets inside a cocoon before a butterfly can emerge!   

Excellence in Clinical Care Delivery

We all aspire to excellence in clinical care delivery, but there are three more Es you’ll need to truly make it happen across several sites: ethics, eloquence, and expertise. The dental groups that work have a shared vision for clinical excellence that is built on a foundation of collaborative growth and coordination. If you’re practices aren’t on the same page in ethics, eloquence, and expertise, then the continuity is not going to be there.

A Customized Business Canvas Strategy

Vision and leadership will only take you so far if you don’t have the business acumen to understand how the pieces fit together in mid-market models. If strategic management of your business is not your forte, now is the time for fidelity to due diligence! Defining and predicting business outcomes and market significance will help you shape the group practice into a successful enterprise.

You Can’t Do It Right if You’re Doing It Alone!

When it comes to business strategy and finding significance and success in dentistry, mentoring is the name of the game! BDD, LLC, our parent company, is doing some pretty amazing work as a mentoring platform that provides hands-on training in our educational centers at Dentistry of Sugar Hill and Athens. GA. If you are looking for specific guidance in setting up your dental group practice, they are a resource that will take you to the next level. To learn more about this wonderful resource, contact Dentrepreneur® Solutions and we’ll hook you up with the people who can help you get from A to B!

Stay connected for more tips on the transition to a successful dental group practice. Contact us for assistance and resources in evaluating your due diligence, practice management, hiring, practice leadership, clinical aptitude of all providers, and much more.

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