Turning Overwhelming Frustration into Opportunity

Successful entrepreneur Dame Anita Roddick, founder of the successful chain The Body Shop, advises budding entrepreneurs “don’t get a business degree, get angry.

Having that degree (or good counsel) can’t hurt, but it’s not going to give you the same drive as a wellspring of passion. “Feed your sense of outrage,” she advises, because “discontentment drives you to want to do something about it.”

Look at the things that get you hot under the collar and use them to imagine how things should be. Notice what frustrates you, nurture that rage, and then imagine a solution. That solution can be you.

It might be something endemic to your industry, or it might be unique to your professional microcosm. When you can identify a meaningful source of chronic discontent, you have found the catalyst that will propel you forward.

Are you frustrated by a partner’s near-sighted imagination? Tired of fixing the shoddy work of others? Chronically unimpressed with your staff’s ability to innovate and find solutions on their own? Take that constant source of irritation in your life, and dream big.

Leveraging Your Overwhelming Frustration

Every dentist I’ve ever met got into this business because they have a passion for wanting to help others. You can’t be a successful clinician, teacher, and mentor if you don’t have that basic need to connect with others. (Incidentally, very few dentists have an actual obsession with teeth, as is often portrayed in popular culture.)

At our heart, we love connecting with patients and bettering their lives. Those of us who are unsatisfied with our status quo haven’t lost that passion, but we do need to transform our professional circumstances. Your success as a dentrepreneur®️ relies upon it. How do you find an endless source of change inside yourself? Identify what it will take to make you excited to come to work every day.

It may be on the clinical side, or it may be the meaningful difference we make in others’ lives. For some, it’s making dentistry affordable, for others it’s scaling up and expanding. If you know where you want to go professionally, then amen. Congrats. But if you know only that something has to change, you’ve got to hit that mark before you can leverage your passion into a profitable plan.

If you’re not sure where you want to go next with your business, start by learning where your true passions lie. What is the thing that you always have time for, even when you don’t?

Balance Your Clear Vision with Your Talent Set

Profitability always rests on administrative efficiency and added value for your clientele. You don’t want to transform your business into something that leaves your most profitable qualities behind.

Dig deep into patient feedback and reflect with your staff if you’re not sure what your unexpected talents have proven to be. We’re not always the most reflective industry, so it may take an outsider to help you see clearly. Throwing the baby out with the bathwater is a major risk for those of us on the precipice of change, so you have to know what is already working for you.

Drive Passion with Business Goals

In the dental industry today, there’s room at the table for whatever you can dream, but due diligence is key. Finding your market and managing your financial risks can be the bridge that takes you from dream to reality. This is where we can help: turning an inspired dentist into a dentrepreneur®️.

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