Tools for Transformation: The Right Tech Can Make All the Difference

When I’m looking at a practice that’s going through a merger/acquisition, there are four elements that you have to scrutinize: the office culture, the people, the processes, and the technology. In the first 90 days especially, you have to make sure these four elements are in place to make the transition well defined.

You must dictate and shape what will change in the culture and scrutinize the people you inherit, to make sure they’re more qualified than who’s leaving. Processes may need to be rethought, and new technology should always be a part of the transition.

Why new tech? With the right tools, this is one of the easiest ways to improve your processes and culture. The right technology can be a powerful symbol of the positive changes taking place.

Simplifeye Wearable Tech

There are a lot of technological innovations and systems that you should be thinking about implementing before your transition. One of my favorite new tech tools for scheduling and communication is Simplifeye. This wearable coordination tool is the perfect “work smarter, not harder” aid for helping your staff see the transition as the positive step it is. It can be the catalyst for better organization and management, and better clinical care.

Take a minute right now to watch this short demo, and you’ll see how this product works.

Essentially, Simplifeye takes the place of the morning meeting. You no longer need to waste time previewing and communicating the day’s schedule, because it tells you in real time who is in the office, where they are, and what they need. Once you click on a patient, you also have instant access to bio information and relevant patient history. From the front desk interface, alerts can be sent to anyone on the team to let them know a patient is waiting and what needs to be done.

Simplifeye also takes the place of your intraoffice communication system, whatever that may be. Because it’s on an Apple Watch, you don’t have to stop what you’re doing to access a desktop monitor, check a master schedule, operate a device, or find a colleague. It beeps you, and you swipe. It’s easier than receiving a text massage on a phone. 

Patients are going to love your shorter wait times and faster appointments, and you’re going to love how it frees up your time. Rather than feeling like you’ve got to hurry up and finish to keep several balls in the air, each staff member gets an alert letting them know when a patient is waiting. No more guessing or predicting or trying to remember who’s up next.

Improve Morale, Change the Culture

What else is great about Simplifeye? Chances are good your staff will love the Apple Watches. Everyone loves new gadgetry, and the investment you make into this tool will show your staff that you are serious about transforming the practice into something bigger and better.

Nothing is worse for morale than asking staff to do more with less support. Investing in Simplifeye technology does the opposite.

Tangible Improvements Make a Transition Work

A successful transition should not be seamless; it should be a step up. You don’t want things to be the same, you want them to be better. You have to show your people (and patients) the immediate tangible benefits of the transformation to get them on board.

Never promise your people things are going to “get better.” Make things better. Provide widespread improvement to how the whole practice functions. One of the best ways to do this is by introducing technology with immediate benefits. Make your peoples’ lives easier.

SImplifeye does some other wonderful things that I’ll tell you about in the next blog, such as provide a HIPAA-compliant live web chat platform and office tracking tool. So keep watching, there’s more to come!

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