Things Not Working Out? How Failures Gift You with Clarity

I am constantly meeting brilliant people in crisis. Their dream has turned into a nightmare. For whatever reason—or for a number of reasons—they are not happy with what their practice or group has become. They need help and they’ve waited far too long to ask for it. It certainly doesn’t feel good to accept a failure, but every headache you’ve faced has a precious gift hidden inside it.

You know all the clichés about failure. It challenges you to become better. It makes you work harder, jump higher, etc. It teaches you valuable lessons about yourself. It brings you closer to success. Those are all fine and good, but how do you see the light when you are smack dab in the middle of a failing enterprise?

Whether it’s a failure of administrative leadership, failure to know your market, or failure to partner with someone with compatible goals and vision—you now have a clearer understanding of what needs to change.

To make it even simpler: you now have a clear understanding that things DO need to change!

You Define Failure

Your dental practice doesn’t need to be failing for you to feel like you’re drowning. A failure can be a morale deficit, feeling professionally stifled, or anything that makes you feel like weeping on a semi-regular basis! We all want to feel optimistic and enthusiastic when we come to work every day, so if you can identify the reason why you don’t, you are one step closer to clarity.

For plenty of dentrepreneurs, the problem is boredom as much as anything else. You’ve set up a solo practice, have a steady stream of new and repeat patients, and your revenues are good…but you want more! Your dream is bigger than your current reality, and you simply don’t know what to do about it.

From Denial to Clarity to Growth

In the dental field, there are a lot of things that can wrong, but the worst feeling is when you realize you have limited yourself. That shame adds another layer to those negative feelings. If you’re in one of those all-too-common situations in which your practice or your passion is drowning, stop now and look at the gift that your failures have given you. If you know what’s wrong, you know what needs to change.

Stop what you are doing, and make a list of your complaints. Take the time to listen to yourself, and you’ll see some very specific things come to the surface. Next, step away from your emotions if you can, and try to identify how you got to that point?

  • Are you connecting the business side of the practice with the clinical side?
  • Is your value proposition weak?
  • Are you marketing your practice appropriately for your target demographic?
  • Have your staffing choices been appropriate?
  • Are the things that excite you about dentistry out of your reach?
  • Are your administrative protocols clearly defined and enforced?
  • Have you hired the right people?
  • Are you doing too much all by yourself?
  • Did you fail to clearly define the terms of a partnership?
  • Does your team feel like a team?
  • Are your collections always a disaster?
  • Is your case acceptance chronically poor?

Have the Courage to Disrupt the Paradigm

We all entered this profession with a passion. Delivering excellent clinical care to better peoples’ lives is what drives us. I’ve never met a single dentist for whom this wasn’t the case. If you still have that passion, you still have success in your future! But you must disrupt the paradigm and reject your status quo before things will get better.

At Dentrepreneur Solutions, this is what we do. Working together with a community of successful solopreneurs and dentrepreneurs®️, we’ve seen and heard it all. You can’t do this alone. Join our community today and learn how to use your new-found clarity to change your life, redefine your practice, and grow your business!

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