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Why Assessments?

Better Understand and Develop your TOP TALENT!

With Dentrepreneur® Solutions Talent Assessments, you can go below the surface to better understand your job candidates and existing employees helping you select, promote, transfer and retain the best TALENT!

Dentrepreneur® Solutions is proud to partner with The Omnia Group to offer The Omnia® Profile and The Omnia® Target TALENT ASSESSMENT TOOLS. As a behavioral assessment and employment consulting firm, The Omnia Group has helped over 3,500 active clients worldwide avoid bad hires, manage more effectively and retain top talent with remarkable results.

Why wait?
Purchase the Dentrepreneur® Solutions Dental Talent Management Package and improve your ROI and increase your bottom line!


  • Omnia® Leadership Reports for up to 2 Dentists
  • Up to a 90-minute video conference call with Rhonda and Mary Wray to review reports and establish custom criteria for Culture analysis and talent audit of staff
  • Full Omnia® customized profile for up to 2 Dentist
  • Omnia® Professional Development reports for up to 10 staff
  • Direct Report Analysis for up to 10 staff comparing staff member to Dentist leadership traits
  • 1 1/2 days onsite to include:
    Day 1 – One-on-one meetings with staff to conduct a talent audit and workshop goal setting plus 1 hour with the Doctor
    Day 2 – Full day workshop with time for breaks and lunch
    (5-6 hours of content)
  • Notebooks for Dentist with copies of all staff reports
  • Notebooks for staff with individual reports
  • Talent Management Action Plan to implement Omnia® in practice
  • Up to a 90 minute Leadership call with Rhonda: Designing Practice Performance.

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