More About Transitions: Technology for Happy Staff and Patients

As a strategy, Know Grow Exit works—and one of the most important recommendations of the “grow” stage is adding technology to aid your transition and improve your dental practice or group.

I’ve mentioned before that new technology is a must during a merger/acquisition. There is no more visible and powerful symbol of the “brand-new you” than tech that makes life easier. The right technology, and a well-planned rollout can improve staff morale and patient satisfaction—and transform the entire office culture.

New Tech Needs to Be Relevant

The right tech investments for your growing practice or group need to be chosen with care, so they have a tangible, positive impact on both patients and staff. There’s little point in investing in a costly crown-milling system if it’s only going to be used once in a blue moon. (Even adding a Keurig station to your patient waiting area will have a more powerful effect than that.) Choose products or services that every member of your staff and every patient can appreciate.

In a sense, you may already be bringing new tech in if you’re bringing in new doctors, such as an implant specialist or an in-house ortho—and this shouldn’t be discounted—but you will also need a stand-alone tech-based enhancement to brag about.

A Few Suggestions – Automated Systems

There are two cutting-edge automated systems that I love to promote, as they can transform office morale and efficiency in a very short period of time. Revenue Well automates patient communication, and Simplifeye automates office management using intuitive mobile technology. 

Revenue Well

If you’re not already familiar with Revenue Well, you should familiarize yourself with this product. Its tagline is “effortless patient communication” and it really delivers. It works in concert with dental software such as Dentrix and Eaglesoft to automate all your patient communications. It updates and syncs with your office software and communicates with patients for you, in the method of their choosing.

Whether the patient prefer email, texts, letters or phone calls, Revenue Well:

  • confirms appointments
  • alerts patients when they’re due for hygiene
  • sends post-op instructions
  • follows up on treatment plans
  • sends out customized email marketing newsletters
  • generates and sends segmented marketing materials (and lets you track the campaign)
  • lets patients book appointments and complete forms automatically

Revenue Well takes all the effort out of patient follow-up and recall, and frees your staff to focus on running your office more efficiently. Speaking of which…


I’ve blogged about Simplifeye already, so I won’t go into too much detail here, but you should really stop to watch their demo, especially if your office is expanding and you’re adding staff.

Basically, this system automates inter-office communication and eliminates the need for walk-abouts and desktop access. If you’re still doing a morning meeting to stay on the same page, Simplifeye can give you that time back. It puts real-time updates, patient info, and daily scheduling notes at your fingertips through an app on the Apple watch. Every staff member gets a watch and uses the app to note (or notify) when a patient is waiting and what they are waiting for—and it even includes patient history notes. You get a ping, you know what to do. No more walking into a room blind or having to stop to access or update records on a computer before seeing a patient.

Tech That Resonates with Patients

Choosing the right tech to roll out for improved patient experience/clinical care needs to be a customized process. You’re probably well-aware of the technology mentioned below, but you have to be able to predict what’s going to have the biggest impact on your practice. There needs to be a logical connection between the new tech enhancements and what you are trying to build.

  • Are most of your patients adults and seniors? Older patients tend to appreciate the visual impact of CBCT scanners and intraoral cameras. (The wow factor is high on this one.)
  • Are you trying to boost your ortho segment? Having an iTero scanner to replace traditional dental impressions is always appreciated by ortho patients.
  • Many cosmetic dentists have already seen the positive impact of Smile Design Studio on case acceptance for cosmetic treatments. If cosmetic is an important revenue stream, this can work wonders.
  • Do you market to patients with dental anxiety? Replacing your drill with a Waterlase laser can help you promote a calmer, quieter restorative appointment (and avoid needles).
  • Are most of your patients children or teens? Adding technology to your waiting room or putting flat-screen monitors on the ceilings above the chairs can have a high wow-factor. Some dentists even offer Netflix and headphones to patients of every age, to make the appointment more pleasant.
  • For some geographical and demographic segments, you might find that the NuCalm drug-free anxiety treatment system adds value. The curiosity factor alone may bring new patients through the door if you market it right.

Need help making your merger/acquisition a success? No matter what stage you’re in, Dentrepreneur© Solutions can help you grow your business for success. Contact us to learn about Know Grow Exit to scale-up your practice wisely and stay connected for more tips.

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