What is Know Grow Exit?

Know Grow Exit℠ is an industry-specific business course designed for clinicians and practitioners who wish to scale up their business and transform themselves from dentists to Dentrepreneurs®.

In her decades of experience, Rhonda has coached, mentored, and assisted countless dentists in the process of transforming their businesses. In this time, she has identified a set of very specific steps that are necessary for entrepreneurial success in the dental industry.

She has lived and seen it all, and knows what is required for a successful merger, acquisition, sale, or group practice transformation. Know Grow Exit℠ encapsulates those processes. In this course, Rhonda will share the processes necessary to take your business from “barely-surviving” to “thriving in your chosen niche.”

Who Can Benefit from Know Grow Exit?

No matter what your professional goals, Rhonda’s strategies will show you the steps required to take control of your business’s present and put yourself in charge of its future.

Rhonda’s strategies can be applied to individuals who wish to:

  • Transform their practice into a clinical specialty office
  • Expand or create a group practice
  • Switch to a fee-for-service format
  • Improve their business in anticipation of a sale
  • Improve their revenues, value, and office efficiency

Flexible Course Formats

With Know Grow Exit participants can learn what is required at each step of the process—from founding core values and hiring/training staff, to market research and due diligence, and office and technology enhancements.

Rhonda provides Know Grow Exit for both diverse and like-minded groups of dental professionals, so she can tailor each presentation to fit the needs of your participants.

Contact us for current rates for the following Know Grow Exit℠ formats:

  • 2-hour Speaking Event
  • 4-hour Seminar
  • All-day Program
  • Multi-Day Business Course

Rhonda has advised thousands of individuals on their journey toward greater entrepreneurial success, and she offers you the business secrets that really work in this industry!

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