Know Grow Exit: Why the “Exit” Matters More Than the Launch

If you read this blog or are familiar with our work, you’ve seen Know Grow Exit before. It is the strategy that will take you out of your comfortable little niche and on to bigger and better places with your practice. Some clinicians dream of going into specialty, some dream of scaling up and serving a different market. There are a million ways to follow your dream and become a Dentrepreneur® in today’s marketplace, and the success stories are endless. (Ask me, I’ll tell you some!)

Know Grow Exit means you must know where you are now, and where you want to be. You must also have the due diligence (and lots of it), so you know your market value and what your new model needs to look like.  

Growing is the process of building your practice into a scalable empire. This is accomplished primarily through finding the right people to be your hands and brains and decision makers.

The “Exit” part tends to trip people up a little bit, however. I’m just getting started on this adventure; I’m not trying to flip practices like they’re real estate investments!

Know Your Exits

“Exit” does not mean you should abandon your new endeavor. It simply means you should always have your (attractive) exit strategy ready in case you need to.

It means you need to get your business running so well that you could exit.

If the whole thing comes crumbling down like a house of cards because you’re not there, holding it up like Atlas, then you haven’t built something sustainable. Know Grow Exit means you have to plan for the moment you step away and your machine keeps on chugging.

We Know Grow Exit All the Time!

This concept is not crazy. We already do this all the time. We don’t travel abroad without a return ticket, and we don’t paint ourselves into a corner. Hopefully, you don’t spend the night in a hotel without knowing the way to an emergency exit, should you wake up smelling smoke in the night! It’s just a matter of opening your eyes and planning where you want to be at each point of the process.

Sadly, those who chase an entrepreneurial dream often get bogged down in the I’m-going-to-do-it-all spirit that they become exhausted and don’t plan realistically.

The beauty of being a Dentrepreneur® is that you write the script. You have the power to get where you want to be. With the right know-how and due diligence, we can help you make sure that you build a structure with an easy exit!

Build for the Exit You Want

Take a look at the picture that accompanies this post and think about how you started your career. If you are like most of us, you didn’t really know where you were going to end up, but you took the path you could. You probably hit a wall a few times and had to change directions to find your way.

No one wants to be stuck in a maze, even if you do eventually find your way out of it! Know Grow Exit gives you the power to redesign your “maze” so the path and destination are clear and you can see where you are going at all times.

If you’re stepping on the path to big and wonderful changes to your business, we can help you keep the end in sight! Become a Dentrepreneur® through our Know Grow Exit approach for successful growth and transition. Stay connected and call today at (470) 344-5990 for a conversation about your business. We’ll help you figure out your next steps and help you take them.

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