Know Grow Exit Starts with Knowing

Are you a budding Dentrepreneur®️ who’s not sure how to get started? Maybe you are in the process of acquiring a practice, or maybe you are trying to expand your thriving practice into a dental group. There are endless opportunities in the dental industry today—but it takes a lot more than willpower to make your dream into a profitable reality.

In our Know Grow Exit course, we explain a strategy that can take you from your point A to any point B you can imagine. This system works for every practice and group that’s willing to do the work, and it all begins with knowing.

You have to know:

  • Who you are now, and who you want to be.
  • What is working in your practice in the present, in order to leverage it for future success.
  • What may not be working so well, and why.
  • What needs to change so your business can grow.

It may sound at this point that the “know” in Know Grow Exit just involves a lot of sitting around and thinking, navel-gazing perhaps. However, if all it took was looking in a mirror, you’d be able to do it alone. Looking in a mirror doesn’t tell you what you’re missing. There are concrete steps involved and tried-and-true tools that help you know what you don’t know!

You Need Help to Know Yourself and Your Assets

You can’t take a journey without a roadmap. Well, you can, I guess—but you can’t predict your destination that way. Who knows where you’ll end up? If you have a destination, you need a map and directions. The “Know” step of Know Grow Exit helps you by pulling you out of your normal workaday perspective, so you can analyze your business in an objective way.

This involves a careful look at:

  • Your guiding principles.
  • Your business goals.
  • Your people.
  • Your office culture.
  • Your leadership values and style.
  • Your profit margins.
  • Your market value.

We can help you take an objective look at the tangible and intangible assets that make your business scalable. For example, if your human resources are not scalable, you have to know how to hire people who are. This means building or hiring each member of your team to be a leader in his/her own right. If your management style and workplace culture do not empower your people, they will not be capable of growing you into a bigger business.

Part of the Know Grow Exit course involves using resources that help you measure the capacities and attitudes of your people, so you can know where they may need more training and encouragement. This is just one aspect of the system—but each part will help you come to understand what you have (and what you may be missing) in terms of business growth.

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