Is Your Office a Team?

We often talk about people being your best, most powerful resource. When scaling-up a business, small-office leadership skills don’t always translate to multi-office operations. You have to build a team of individuals who can further your vision with every independent decision they make. How do you do this? By building a team.

You can’t win a championship if you don’t have a team that works together and is united by a common goal. If you are growing your dental practice into something bigger or something else, you need a winning team that’s united by a common purpose.

Define Your Mission

Most everyone has some positive memories of being a part of a team. Maybe it was sports-related, or maybe it was a debate team or a dance team. It doesn’t matter what the setting was, you were a team because you had a common goal. You all knew what you were working toward.

If you are on a journey to growing your dental practice into a bigger and better business, you have to get all your people on the team, and they need to know what they are working toward. Many leaders take a “this is what’s happening, so get ready for it” approach to notifying their staff of changes. I invite you to try something different. Share your goals with your people and invite them to be a part of the team. Give the team a goal and give them a choice to leave if they can’t get on board. 

Communicate the Ideals that Drive the Change

After the what comes the why. There is a reason why you want to go bigger. Is it to provide better patient care to more people? Is it to change the way people feel about cosmetic dentistry? There is a reason why you’ve been dreaming of transforming your business, and your people can’t join the team if you don’t share your vision. Bare your professional soul to your people. If their lives and jobs are going to change as a result of this venture, they deserve to understand what drives you. From there, they can choose to be a part of the dream.

Don’t Be Afraid of a Mascot or Song

Every sports team needs a mascot, motto, or song, right? When defining your team goals with your staff, don’t be afraid of symbols or easy-to-remember mottos that can help remind them of the reason behind your new undertaking. This may seem hokey, and you don’t need to overdo it—but symbols can be a powerful way to remind people of the principles behind change without having to stop your SOPs and deliver a treatise. Give your endeavor a name at the very least, something that serves as a reference point, so your people don’t forget the reason why you are a team.

Office Culture Matters – Make Your Staff a Team

As a Dentrepreneur®️, you have to be bold and courageous if you want to grow. Your emerging and growing dental group needs a team of goal-oriented players to create a new thriving entity. You can’t do it all yourself. By creating a team mentality, you build the drive that enables capacity-building and enthusiasm. Empower and value your team, and they’ll help you get a win!

Learn more about building a culture for scalable growth with our Know Grow Exit course from Dentrepreneur Solutions. If you are ready to start growing your dental practice into a group or specialty business, we can help you do it right! Call us at 470-344-5990 to start a conversation about your goals.

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