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“Rhonda is a well informed and capable consultant as well as an excellent speaker.”Dr. Ronald Goldstein, Partner, Goldstein, Garber and Salama, LLC
“Although I was busy I felt I was at a crossroad and needed a Professional Practice Development Company to help me plan for the future. Not only am I more productive (an increase of 30% annually) but more profitable. Because of this growth the entire staff is engaged.”Dr. Ruth E. Bailey
“Our productivity has increased 40% in 6 months, yet our stress level has been reduced. Rhonda possesses coaching skills, which are personal and effective. She is decisive and acts swiftly to ensure progress. My only regret is that I waited 12 years before working with her and her team.”Dr. Jerry C.
“Rhonda has increased our capacity to lead, our clinical skills & team development to the extent we are ready to engage & achieve our accreditation dream in cosmetic dentistry.”Drs. Victoria Callicutt & Amy Dayries
“Our destination is Rhonda’s driving force, but her distinction, is leadership coaching at its best. She brought sustainable efficient solutions to all areas of my practice, and her communication coaching is invaluable, I will keep her as a coach/partner forever! “Drs. Zachary Powell & Elizabeth Powell
“I could have never imagined the success we are experiencing in 2008, 2009, and now in 2010. Our net is up 39% since August 2008, an 18 month period! Our results are sustainable, thanks to our education through Rhonda’s workshops. She is electric when she walks in. We agrees Rhonda under promised and over delivered, she changed our lives.”Dr's. Gina Reinhart & Leslie Moore
“Rhonda’s innovation and creativity provided a way to create and initiate change for us in our office.”Dr. Kara H.


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