You Can Do It: Disrupt the Paradigm



“You can’t build an adaptable organization without adaptable people–and individuals change only when they have to, or when they want to.”

Gary Hamel


Today is an amazing time to be in the dental industry. In 2012 the ADA took a look at this world, from cottage industry businesses to in-network, PPO and hybrid practices—and found nothing but good news.

Business is booming, and anything is possible. Now is the most creative and innovative time for business models and care delivery. You can pretty much do whatever you want and make it work. Design your practice or dental group any way you want, and scale up in any way you can imagine.

This is what being a Dentrepreneur® is all about. Deciding how you want to change and making it happen.

I visit a lot of dental practices and there is one thing that is always true. I can guarantee one amazing growth peak for your revenues by filling the cracks where you are leaking money—but if you want to see more and bigger peaks, you must disrupt the paradigm.

This is not always welcome news. After all, you’ve spent years making things work for you. You’ve put your sweat and tears into establishing the routines and practices that make your business work. Why on earth would you want to throw any of that out the window?

To grow, you have to disrupt.

What in my practice should I disrupt to get another outcome that will take us to another level?  If everything works great now, great, but too much complacency with the way things are leads to missed opportunities.


Voluntarily Instigating Change

I think we all agree that change is inevitable. This applies to all things, regardless of whether it’s time, purpose, or ambition that initiates the change.

Knowing this is inevitable I routinely push my Dentrepreneur®️ clients go one step further than accepting change and voluntarily instigating it. Things are going to change for you, but you can control what you do, how you do it, and who you do it with.

The dental business is the people business. To identify the areas where you will shake up the paradigm, you have to look at your people management, changing your hiring practices and managing your human capital.

What kind of changes am I talking about? This can look like these (or a hundred other things):

  • Devoting a position to treatment planning and case presentation or feedback and online reputation management
  • Cross-training your team members (e.g., hygienists as assistants)
  • Devoting manpower to working with insurers to negotiate contracts and fees
  • Hiring a marketing team to copywrite your online presence and boost your SEO
  • Networking with other entrepreneurs regularly to reflect and create
  • Building new capacities and new skills through structured in-office mentoring
  • Committing time to building an office culture of cooperation and empowerment

All meaningful change happens from within. Within yourself, within your culture, within a company. It’s not going to happen outside if it doesn’t happen within you.

Take the time to reflect on the places where you don’t necessarily lack—but where you could do more and be more for your patients.

Identifying how you want to disrupt the paradigm is the first step to finding your path to innovation and growth.

Do you have the courage to do it? Yes you do; you are a Dentrepreneur®️!

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