Case Study #1

Case Study #1

First visit: April 30, 2015

Full office performance:


























Result: $40,000 improvement in collections immediately

Thanks to: Sent statements for the first time to all patients under $50 and two weeks later sent statements to all patients under $300 – Existing staff was concerned that errors existed on the patient accounts and therefore were checking each patient ledger before statements were sent out. This slowed down sending out statements so the collections had fallen off.


Result: Shortened patient wait times at checkout and reduced use of calculators and handwriting on treatment plan insurance estimates

Thanks to: Set up fee schedules for BCBS and Delta (the only PPO plans in the office), trained team to attach fees to employers & update existing tx plans


Result: Established solid, successful front desk team

Thanks to: Holding under-performing front desk staffer to standards & she immediately resigned, Hired replacement, Established schedule for front desk team to avoid overtime, Created Ideal Day to improve time management, Physical clean up of the front desk


Quote from billing/insurance manager:

“I finally slept. I even called a friend to tell her I have good news about work! We finally have a team. After 9 years, we finally have a team.

And I have you to thank for that.”


Quote from hygienist:

“I feel like I am a better hygienist. I have more confidence. And, I feel like I am learning more every day.”