Build an Empire – A Few Leadership Lessons from The Roman Empire

The Roman Empire may not have been the most humane group to try to conquer the world, and it certainly didn’t last forever—but it’s still regarded as one of the greatest empires in history. Why is that? Because they expanded themselves widely and wisely. They knew how to scale-up and franchise themselves! They had a system, they enforced it religiously, and it worked! They may have conquered a lot of people who probably didn’t want their rule, but they left a lot of great things in their wake. For example, many of the governing systems, roads, and architectural structures they built are still standing and being used today.

So, what does this have to do with dentistry? Hold tight, I’ll get there! The same qualities and philosophies that gave the Romans the capacity to conquer and govern their world will work for any business that wants to be more efficient and grow its borders. Whether you are trying to grow your dental practice into a group practice—or just want to close the gaps in your office—these lessons can help you build your own empire.

Don’t Be a Dictator

Rome’s most famous general, Julius Caesar, rose to power by taking big risks and thinking outside the box. But when he stopped listening to his people, he lost their support and got himself stabbed in the back (and every other part of the body).

No matter how big your business, having a strong, open, back-and-forth communication avenue with your people is the best way to keep your team strong. Directives from leadership are necessary, but your people should always have a way to make themselves heard by their leader. And that leader needs to be able to listen to their concerns. Your people are your best asset. When you make them feel valued, they will increase your value. 

Take Risks, But Do Your Homework

Rome knew that big payoffs require big risks. (Crossing the Rubicon may have been one of the biggest risks taken by a single general in history.) However, they were always smart about calculating those risks and devoting prudent resources. You can be smart about calculating your risks with detailed due diligence on your market valuation. If numbers and market research aren’t your thing, find someone to do it for you. No big rewards come without taking big risks, but doing your homework can tell you which risks are likely to pay off.

Standardize and Define Your SOPs

In Roman life and military standard operating procedures, every rule was black and white and every process was well-defined. You don’t have to micromanage your people to accomplish Roman-like efficiency, but you do need to make sure your practice is always on the same page. Gaps cost you money. Closing those gaps by establishing clear SOPs for every area of your practice can help your people build capacity and improve efficiency. That’s always good for business.

Don’t Look Back

If you want to improve, you can’t keep looking over your shoulder. Roman conquerors proceeded with confidence and never doubted their purpose. Sometimes all it takes to make a Dentrepreneur® out of a dentist is the will to improve and expand!

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