We are dental group practice consultants for independent large groups or multi-location practices, as well as solo dentists.

We provide the dentist owner with an implementation plan, milestones and outcome measurements to fulfill their practice model vision. You set the vision, we solve the challenges.

We increase efficiency and support exponential growth with sustainable outcomes.


Accelerate your vision and strategic plans to grow your dental group.
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Accomplish YOUR Entrepreneurial Vision for Independent Large Group Dental Practice Success

Dentrepreneur® Solutions equips you to achieve your unique and personal vision as a dental entrepreneur (a “Dentrepreneur®”). Our consultation and coaching will increase your patient care satisfaction and your profitability through more efficient and measurable management and leadership standards.

Set your vision

Dentrepreneur® Solutions enables you to establish your personal vision for dental care excellence and practice ownership.

  • A clearly defined plan for implementation
  • Achievable milestones to improve your daily processes
  • Measurable outcomes to maintain your vision for patient care and increased profitability

Solve your challenges

We have consulted with independent large groups, multi-location practices, and solo dentists. Our experiences give you direct access to workable solutions for your present and future challenges.

Own your outcomes

Our management systems and leadership development resources create a path for achieving your dental enterprise vision. Increase your efficiency for patient care, daily operations, and team development.

Ready to Get Started?

Contact us with your questions about our processes and your ideas and goals for achieving an entrepreneurial approach to dentistry.